Hart & Jones delivers beautiful, powerful and effective design without black boxes, ‘gut feel’ or drama queens. We understand better than any other agency why brands look the way they do and exactly what that look is really saying. By using semiotics to unlock the cultural codes that drive consumer choice, we create cut through messages - impactful, appealing, unexplored ways to communicate.

The team

Process doesn’t make great design, people do. From great insights we build great design - sparking off each other, searching, building. Sometimes the best idea is in the junior’s throwaway joke, sometimes it’s in an all nighter in front of the computer. And sometimes you find it on the back of a camel. Over the past 3 years Hart and Jones have steadily built a fun, dynamic, inquisitive, creative team around them. Who all share a passion for design.

Set up by Chris and Simon in 2014, Hart + Jones is a young company, with decades of experience.

Simon’s passions are growing brands + experiencing new cultures; he delights in combining both. From a career in advertising, he migrated to design, taking Bluemarlin Australasia from tiny start-up to one of the region’s biggest agencies.

Chris has over 20 years of experience in branding + packaging, working on some of the world’s most exciting brands across the globe. His passion for design governs every decision; from the mugs in the studio to the spoke pattern on his bike wheels.

Join us

We are always on the lookout for inquisitive minds and creative souls. If you think you have something unique to offer the team drop us a line.

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